Cub Scout badges that you should move to a new Scout Uniform

While some of the badges a Cub Scout gains are unique to the section, the following badges should be moved onto their brand-new, teal Scout shirt when a young person gets invested into the Scout Troop.

Moving-on Award (Cub Pack to Scout Troop)

Moving On Award

This award recognises the stepping up of a Cub Scout to the Scout Troop and should be worn throughout their time as a Scout.

Joining-In Awards

Joining-In Awards

A Cub Scout can achieve up to three of these while in the Pack and up to year 8 while in Scouts. All of these badges should be worn together.

Nights Away Staged Activity Badge

Staged Activity Badges

Only the highest of each staged badge type should be worn (lower numbered badges should be taken off and sewn onto their camp blanket!)

Chief Scout's Silver Award

Chief Scouts Silver Award

This is the highest award possible in the Cub Scout Section. It will stay on their Scout uniform until they gain the Gold Award.

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