A Beaver Sleepover ... WHY?

The 52nd Reading Beavers have held a Sleepover on a yearly basis since 2006.

Sleepovers are an important part of the Beaver Scout experience. It gives our youngest Scouts the opportunity to try new things and to go away with their friends probably for the first time. Sleepovers are packed full of adventure and fun ... both for the Beavers and Leaders!

The following are benefits to the young people:
+ Fun and excitement of spending time with friends
+ More time for extended activities
+ A sense of independence
+ Completing part of the Outdoor challenge badge
+ Contributes to the nights away activity badge
+ The first step in camping, getting them ready for bigger and better adventures in Cubs and Scouts

Sleepovers have a theme ‐ be it pirates, space, native Americans, Wind in the Willows ‐ the 24 hour experience incorporates as many activities we can possibly cram into the time. You can view snapshots of previous sleepovers in the Beaver Photo link at the side of this page. In the photo albums you will also see other activities that the Beavers have participated over the years.

Over the 24 hour sleepover we do ask for parental help on certain activities and would ask you all to be involved, whether you can just volunteer us an hour or maybe could stay for the whole experience.

Help is needed with the wide game or hike usually held on the evening, running a base during the craft morning, help in the kitchen/dining room at meal times or just an extra pair of hands to call on if we need.

As we have mentioned before this is an activity packed with adventure and fun even for the adults.

Click here for the Kit List that the Beavers will need to bring with them

Hopefully your Questions have been Answered

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