The Beaver

Beaver Facts and Figures

  • Beavers are from the RODENT order of mammals ... like mice and squirrels!
  • An adult Beaver weighs between 15 and 34 Kilograms and can grow up to a metre in length plus 20cm of tail.
  • Has a thick coat of wool and fur
  • The two front paws are like human hands and has five toes, while the feet at the back have five toes but are webbed in order to aid swimming.
  • When Beavers swim under water they close their ears, mouth and nose to keep water out.
  • On land they move logs, mud and stones using their front paws.
  • Has excellent sense of smell and hearing.
  • Are found extensively in North America, Scandanavia and Eastern Europe.
  • Became extinct in the United Kingdom between the 16th & 18th Century
  • Beavers have now been reintroduced into the UK (Scotland) and have been shown on the BBC's Springwatch & Winterwatch programmes
  • They work mainly at night. Cutting logs down in Spring and early summer.Repairing and building its house in Autumn.
  • Beavers live in lodges, which are a mound of sticks, moss and stones with a domed roof which is plastered with mud. It can be found on the banks of rivers and streams.
  • Up to 12 Beavers can live in one lodge.
  • The Beaver is a very clean creature, which cleans itself and lodge regularly.
  • Baby Beavers are called Kits.
  • When in danger it slaps its tail repeatedly on the ground or the water.

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